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Mommy and baby yoga flow (video)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's yoga flow! You will need a soft baby carrier for the second half of this flow. If you liked yesterday's flow, but you are having trouble following it on paper, I hope this video will help! Please don't hesitate to ask me questions and remember the important thing is to connect and enjoy your time with your beautiful bundle of joy!


Baby-carrying flow for leg strengthening

Despite what you may think, your baby is not only a pretty face... She can transform your yoga flow into quite a hard-core strength building exercise. By utilizing your baby-carrier, you can bring your little bundle of joy into your exercise routine and have fun while working off the baby weight. 

The flow I created today is short so that you familiarize yourself with baby-wearing during yoga. Go through the routine carefully and have fun with your baby. Feel free to repeat it a few times to get a better workout for your legs.


Be safe, enjoy, and  have fun with your little munchkin.