An alternative to the ginger shot

I won't lie. The pure ginger shot is not very palatable. I drink it anyway, but I make faces and jump up and down like there is wildfire going down my throat. Some of you sent me messages asking me for an alternative to the ginger shot. If you are one of those people that drank it and felt like you would rather die than drink that shot ever again, then I have an alternative shot that is also an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, but a little less spicy. This shot uses another wonder root to break the heat from the ginger: Tumeric.

I discovered tumeric on my trip to India this past Summer. Tumeric is the spice that gives curry its orange color. It has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and as a medicinal herb. It is in everything in Indian cuisine and a herb often used in Ayurveda (traditional indian medicine). In Ayurveda, tumeric is considered the spice of life. And the ancient indians were onto something because tumeric, like ginger, is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Why would an anti-inflammatory herb be so important and called the spice of life? Because studies show that low-level inflammation plays a role in almost every chronic disease ailing our society, from cancer to auto-immune diseases to heart disease... So, one way to fight these diseases is focusing on nutrition that lowers the inflammation levels in our bodies. 

But going back to the shot, since Tumeric is not as hot as ginger, it helps mitigate the heat of ginger making the shot more palatable while still high in its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant contents. I won't elaborate on the benefits of ginger on this post, but if you would like to read more, take a look at the post about the ginger shot here

I urge you to try this version of the shot for at least a week. Have it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. But, beware of yellow lips! Tumeric is also used as a yellow die and will give you a not so beautiful yellow lipstick look that is bound to puzzle loved ones... Maybe follow it with a light detoxifying yoga practice (Here are some classes for you to try) or a simple pranayama practice for additional health benefits (Here is one for you to try). I guarantee that within a week you will notice a difference on the inflammation markers in your body. In my case, my skin cleared up and I shed a lot of water weight I had been retaining. This happened after the third day I had been taking the shot! You may also notice other improvements- it may be your digestion, or something else. Try it for yourself and see it. If you notice anything let me know! The recipe is below, and there is a video in case you want to see how to make the shot. 


1 root of ginger (Buy Organic if you can!)

1 root of tumeric ( Also buy organic if possible. Sometimes the tumeric roots are broken into little pieces. If that is the case, make sure you have the same quantity of tumeric and ginger).

1 measure of arnica liquid extract (0.22 ml) I buy mine from Herb Pharm.

1 lemon (squeezed)


Wash the root of ginger and the tumeric. I use a vinegar and water bath. If your ginger and tumeric aren't organic, peel them. Using a juicer, I use a slow juicer called Hurom (You can find that the juicer I own here), juice your ginger root and your tumeric. Then add a measure of the arnica liquid extract and squeeze the lemon inside the juice container. You should have approximately 4 oz of the shot which gives you two shots. Drink only 2oz at a time, in the morning, on an empty stomach. Let me know if you see any of the inflammation in your body disappear! I would love to hear about your results.



Posted on October 21, 2015 .