Beginners flow from 1/17/2015

If you missed class last Saturday or if you would like to establish a home practice, this might be the perfect flow for you this week.  There are 4 parts: A warm up, a flow that focuses on the legs, one that focuses on arms, and a closing. Feel free to do the entire class, or to start by doing just the warm up and one of the flows focusing on a particular body part. The playlist is also available here so that you can follow the flow (CLICK HERE FOR PLAYLIST  yoga class). Make sure to hold each pose a minimum of 5 breaths (slow breaths!) Any feedback on the flows will be welcome! 


Start the flow in a cross legged position and place your arms on your knees. Take a moment to close your eyes and place your attention on your breath. Don't make an effort to breathe in any particular way, but just focus your attention in your exhales and inhales.

Maybe roll your shoulders back and forth, lean your head from side to side, and stretch. Take a few minutes to just be.

Part one  - Warm up:

Part II: Standing Sequence (Leg Flow)

Part III: Arm Flow

Part IV: Closing

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