My postpartum journey to get my body back.

Right now I am 2 weeks postpartum. In the first 10 days, I naturally lost 20 lbs. I won't lie, I loved seeing the weight fall off without doing anything at all... Well, that is other than breastfeeding. The first picture was taken 3 days postpartum and you can still see a sizable pooch. Then the second picture was taken 6 days postpartum. Finally, the last picture was taken 9 days postpartum and my belly is nearly flat. Although I am happy that my prenatal ashtanga practice has helped me keep my body fit, I am now stuck 5 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight. I've read that this is normal, but this is really bothering me because when I got pregnant I was above my ideal weight as well... So I would like to lose around 15 lbs.

As I am not supposed to exercise till 6 weeks postpartum, I started taking leisurely walks with Isabella so that I slowly get back to my exercise routine. She loves sitting in her carseat which connects to her Origami stroller and she loves the ergo baby, so this exercise time is also enjoyable for her. I started with a slow 2.5 mph walk on the first day. I could also only walk for 15 minutes because of my c-section incision. However, now 2 weeks postpartum I am walking 2 miles at an average pace of 3 mph. This is not much compared to my prenatal exercise routine, but it is helping me get my 10,000 steps a day. I am wearing a fitbit to make sure I am getting all those steps in (I am actually addicted to that little gadget!). As far as my diet goes, I am trying to eat clean foods, but I am not being too restrictive as I am nursing. In a few days, I will check in to see how far I have come. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Posted on October 6, 2015 .