Holy Yoga Power Flow

Yoga is one of my passions, but there is nothing more important for me than my faith in Jesus Christ. For a long time, I considered my yoga practice to be completely separate from my faith. But after my trip to India it became clear to me that faith was intrinsically connected to yoga. The problem was that it wasn't necessarily my faith. Every Saturday after practice, the teacher guided us through 20 minutes of chanting in Sanskrit. Although I did not understand the lyrics, names like Ganesha, Sita Ram and other Hindu deities were quite clear. I kept silent during those twenty minutes, but it was hard to ignore what was happening around me. To make matters worse, many of the students bowed and kissed the feet of the guru. This particular action was symbolic of my struggles. Though I loved yoga, bowing at someone's feet is something that I would only do to my God, Jesus Christ. Exodus 20: 5 is clear. It says you will not bow down before other Gods. For a while I suffered in silence, and I seriously thought about quitting yoga altogether.

However, as I talked to my loved ones about my struggles, I started thinking about the power of intention. I never had the intention of worshiping other deities. For example, dancers do the splits. The splits are the same movement as the yoga pose Hanumasana. Hanumasana is a pose dedicated to the deity Hanuman (the monkey God). But, no one thinks ballerinas are glorifying the monkey deity. That's because their intention while doing the splits has nothing to do with Hanuman. Furthermore, the Bible says in John 1: 3 that everything was done by and for God. If this is true, yoga was also made by God and therefore must be used for His glory and not for the glory of other deities. Ephesians 1: 7 says that redemption is in his blood. Therefore, through the blood of the lamb, I also believe we have redemption of this ancient practice as long as it is used for His glory.

With that in mind, I started to search the internet, read books, and try to understand how Christianity and yoga fit together. I intuitively started to dedicate my practice to God - praying and worshiping during my time on the mat. I felt a tremendous difference when I dedicated my practice to God. My practice had more fire, more energy. I noticed these practices were very special moments in my mat. By coincidence, I found a teacher's training course for Christian Yoga, called Holy Yoga. I fell completely in love with the practice and I am so proud to have become a certified Holy Yoga instructor on top of my 200hr yoga certification. Today, I will share with you a special holy yoga power flow that I sequenced.  I hope you enjoy and would love to know what you think!

God bless you!

Posted on November 18, 2015 and filed under Yoga Flows.