Hacks to travel fit during the peak week of your bikini competition

Sometimes travel just happens. Even, in the middle of peak week. It may be work related, a trip you scheduled before knowing about the show date, an emergency... Life happens and it doesn't care about your competition diet. Well, in those cases you may have no choice, but coming out of house arrest and traveling during peak week. But, how are you supposed to survive in the real world when you cannot eat any fat? How about staying within your macros? Don't worry! I can share with you the creative hacks I used to travel fit and keep those unwanted inches away.

If you are traveling domestically, you are in luck! You can actually prep and pack all of your meals and then place it in your checked luggage. TSA allows you to travel with some food in the carry on, just not 3 days worth of it. So pack your food into large containers - don't worry about portioning them till you get to the hotel... It will save you some space and money - since you won't need to huge pieces of luggage. Just make sure you freeze your food and pack your cooler with ice packs so that your food doesn't spoil en route. Also, you may want to favor veggies and meats that travel well.... Chicken and beef travel well, fish not so much... trust me... Also some veggies travel better than others - think spaghetti squash, eggplant, onions, celery, cucumbers, peppers.... Zucchini turns into a watery mess - so stay away from veggies that get too watery after cooking.

Here is how I traveled clean and and still rocked my bikini on my way back:

1) Pack all of your food! Seriously. I pre-cooked and packed all of my meals for the three days I was out of town. This means you have to call the hotel in advance and request an empty fridge in your room. In some hotels, this incurs a charge, but it is well worth it. Then, I packed all of my veggies and protein into a cooler and placed it in my checked baggage with a TSA approved ice pack. Attention - not all ice packs are TSA approved. Check that yours is. Then I brought my trusty six pack bag that I love so that I always had my meals in hand for the day. I know it is expensive, but I am obsessed with my super cute 6 pack fitness bag. It is well worth the cost... 


2) Bring your mini crock pot: You are already being super restrictive with your diet, so the least you deserve is the comfort of warm food. I cannot stand eating cold food. YUCK! Since not all hotels have microwaves, I recommend you get a mini crock pot, like I did. This tiny wonder heats up your food in about 15 minutes so that you still feel like a human while restricting your macros. It will make you feel right at home with your warm, home cooked protein-filled goodness :)


3) Bring your measuring tools: If you want to save space in your luggage, instead of packing your food into meals, bring them in bulk containers. Then pre your meals in your hotel room with your mini pocket scale and collapsible cups. It saves a lot of space to do it this way. I have done it both ways - taking pre organized meals and bulk veggies and meat and then separating. The second scenario saves so much space. On top of that you will be able to rbing your tools to a restaurant in case you decide to splurge and go out for a meal. 

4) Monk  fruit sugar: I cannot survive without my monk fruit sweetener.  I am not a big fan of stevia because of the bitter after taste. Monk fruit sweetener is calorie free, all natural (comes from a fruit), and has the same taste as sugar. Oh! You also use the same number of tablespoons too! I like to bring it with me in case a craving hits and I need a tasty glass of 'sweet' tea, coffee , or hot tea. It feels luxurious and calorie ladden, but is calorie free :) 

5) Bring your Tea: I highly recommend you bring some tea along. When we are far away from home, we are more likely to be hit by cravings and need a sense of comfort. A warm beverage like tea will give you a series of benefits like antioxidants and make you feel comforted. For, me there is nothing quite holding a hot mug of tea. It may be silly, buy whenever I have a craving for sweets at the end of a day peppermint tea simply kills it. It is sweet, helps with digestion, and makes you feel calm. Try it! I love the brand traditional medicinals - it provides you with a high quality of tea in sachets that are easy to transport during travel.


I hope my hacks will help you as much as they helped me! If you have any questions or comments, write them down and I will answer!

God Bless you!