Kids Holy Yoga: Class and Resources to teach John 10:11

The Shepherd looked for his sheep behind the tree! 

The Shepherd looked for his sheep behind the tree! 

This week in Vacation Bible school at the New Life Community Center, we explored the parable of  the Good Shepherd through our bodies. Here is the lesson plan and resources in case you would like to use them yourself! The drawings to tell the story are downloadable at the end of the page!

Warm up

Tell the story one time using the drawings at the bottom of the page. Each link is downloadable.

Now, shall we tell this story through yoga? 

 Shepherd breath: Let's start with some shepherd breath. The shepherd has to stop to count his sheep, doesn’t he? So in shepherd breath we hold our breath for two counts so that we can count our sheep! Breathe in to a count of 3, pause to count your sheep for two, then breathe out for a count of 3, and again pause to count your sheep. We will repeat that a few times.

Son salutations - Who is the son of God? So, to start our class let's warm out bodies by saluting the son of God.

Flow with Poses (text adapted from the Book I am: The good Shepherd)

People of all kinds came [MOUNTAIN CLIMBER]  to hear Jesus teach about God[RUNNER’S LUNGE with the right leg]

People who had always loved God came. [RUNNER’S LUNGE with the left leg].

People who thought they weren’t as good as other people came. [SIDE LUNGE RIGHT]  They were surprised that Jesus sat down to eat with them and paid attention to them.

People who thought they were better that others also came. [SIDE LUNGE LEFT] These people complained that Jesus paid attention to sinners.

So Jesus told them a story about Shepherd who had one hundred sheep. [COME TO STANDING]

The shepherd [WARRIOR II] watched over his sheep carefully everyday [REVERSE WARRIOR] and every night [half moon pose]

To make sure that none of the sheep wandered away [cartwheel your hands] from the rest of the flock, he counted them [take a pushup position].

One sheep [PUSH UP], two sheep [PUSH UP], three sheep [PUSH UP], four sheep [PUSH UP]… all the way to a hundred. [PUSH UP]

But one day when the shepherd counted one [PUSH UP], two [PUSH UP], three [PUSH UPS], he had only ninety-nine.

One sheep was missing. [ STAY AT TOP of PUSH UP]

One sheep had wondered off and could be in trouble. [MOUNTAIN CLIMBER]

The shepherd wanted to find his lost sheep right away [JUMP FEET TO HANDS AND COME TO STANDING], so he left this flock in a safe place in the mountain [MOUNTAIN POSE] and he began to search for the sheep that wondered away.

He searched up hill [SIDE PLANK RIGHT]

He searched down hill [SIDE PLANK LEFT}

He searched under bushes [ TREE POSE RIGHT]

He searched behind tress [ TREE POSE LEFT]

 He searched behind the lotus flower [LOTUS POSE]

He searched down by the bridge [BRIDGE POSE]

He listened carefully… and finally he heard a faint baaaa baaaaaing [come to your knees and place hands by ear like you are listenin]

The sheep was worn out and hungry [TAKE CHILD’s POSE]

The shepherd picked up the lost sheep and put it around his shoulders [CAT COW]

Then he started his journey home [MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS]

When he got back to the flock, he cared for the lost sheep giving him food and water [TAKE CHILD’S POSE TO REST]

Remember God is like that shepherd. He rejoices over those who always at His side, but He celebrates even more when someone lost is found. [STAY IN CHILD’S POSE]


John 10: 11 says:

I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD [hand to heart then go into warrior II]

THE GOOD SHEPHERD LAYS DOWN HIS LIFE FOR THE SHEEP [warrior I, then cow face pose with prayer hands]

Closing Meditation:

Adapted. from thoughts to make your heart sing p. 97

Imagine you are a little sheep. The world is big. You are defenseless. Afraid. But then you look up and you see your shepherd. He says: I’m your good shepherd. You have everything you need. When you’re hungry, I’ll feed you. When you are thirsty. I’ll give you water to drink. When  you are tired, I’ll bring you to cool shade where you can rest. I will rescue you. Protect you. Love you.

Drawings to download and tell the story:

Drawing 1 (Shepherd Counting Sheep)

Drawing 2 (99 sheep)

Drawing 3 (Looking for sheep)

Drawing 4 (Found Sheep)