Best of show: Expo West 2017

Just like every other year before that, I am here with the Best of show from Expo West!  This year, I was looking for products that would make my lifestyle easier. I was looking for products that were high in protein, without dairy, gluten, nuts, low in sugar, that are easy to pack and go. The products at expo did not disappoint! Here are my favorites from this year's show - Links to shop available at the bottom of the page:

1) Bonafide Provision Drinkable Veggies: For a while I have been making soup using only bone broth and butternut squash. It is delicious and a great winter staple. Bone broth is full of collagen, protein, and good for you fats. However, soup is not the best pack and go item... Well, Bonafide Provision hit a home run by creating the Bonafide provision drinkable veggies - veggies like red pepper, green veggies, and tomato blended with bone broth. It is delicious, has virtually no sugar, and it is so easy to travel with. I will be buying lots of these... 



2) Epic Pork Rinds: I was recently in Costa Rica with my son and ate lots of pork rind whilst I was there. I love the snack, it reminds me of childhood in Brazil, it is high in protein, and easy to pack and go. However, I am guessing the pork rinds I was eating were not antibiotic free nor fried with good fats. When I was on vacation, I was hoping something similar came out in the american market, but fried with better fats  and antibiotic free. Well, it seems epic read my thoughts because they just came out with these amazing Pork Rind snacks as a part of their whole animal concept. This concept aims to bring food waste to zero by utilizing the entire animal - skin and all. Epic snacks are amazing and they utilize a combination of organic, pastured, non-gmo, and antibiotic free skins. It is a low carb snack, paleo-friendly, has high levels of protein, collagen and it is preservative free!

3) Laird Superfood and Turmeric creamer: I love to drink my bulletproff morning in the morning, but carrying your blender and coconut butter with you on an international trip may not always be convinient. Laird superfood creamer (and their turmeric one too) are diary free and provide a portable, dairy free, bulletproof coffee experience. It is full of good fats from coconut butter and oil, and red palm oil. This means this baby is full of vitamins A, D, E, and K providing great nutrition and long lasting energy! Make that caf

4) Rythm Superfoods Beet Chips: Watch out Kale Chip, there is a new superfood chip in town. I take kale chips whenever I travel, they are easy to pack, high in nutrients and antioxidants, and have tons of fiber. I am always looking for a similarly unprocessed chip I can take with. This beet chip fits the bill. It tastes great, it has lots of iron, and it is easy to pack and go. 



Posted on March 13, 2017 .