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Parenting and Faith: Having trouble with a child? Tap into the supernatural

Parenting is not always easy. Parenting Christian kids, in an unchristian world is even harder. I was blessed with a smart child. A VERY smart child nearing a genius IQ. So telling him to believe in God just because wasn't cutting it anymore now that he was in his teens. My son is a deep thinker. He has a tendency to over analyze every situation and probably has a better understanding of many things I don't bother to even think about. So, as he grew older, he also grew less faithful and more doubtful. Many times, my son questioned His existence altogether. This was extremely difficult for me as I never had. I had always believed in God and the supernatural. I grew up in Brazil, a place where the supernatural pretty much slaps you on your face everyday. It is hard not to believe in God when you grow up as I did. When I got to college my Anthropology professor gave us an exercise where we couldn't believe in God for a week. I caved after a day because it made me feel so... vulnerable. I couldn't and can't bear the thought of an inexistent God. It is simply not possible for me.

But now, how was I to convince my son of His existence? It was so obvious for me I didn't know what to do, I did not really understand the thought process that led to his doubt. Then one day, I watched a sermon where the Pastor illustrated the bible as the book of the supernatural.  The preacher said he didn't understand why people would seek psychics when they had a manual of the supernatural right a home. After all, Jesus brought people back to life, seas were opened, lions were silenced, walls came down with music, and prison cells were broken. The pastor defended the idea of tapping into the supernatural we see in the bible. That day it hit me that if anything could prove the existence of God to my son, it would be something completely supernatural that was beyond his deep thoughts and analytics. 

So, how do we tap into the supernatural? I wasn't quite sure, but I did what I could. I began to pray that God would open my son's heart, that he would open the eyes of his faith. I asked for my son to see many miracles in his lifetime, to see God's hand acting in his life. I begged God to open his eyes to the unseen. I asked, and asked, and asked for 7 years. Yes, 7.

Little things started happening, but Gabriel would brush them off as coincidences. For me it was clear that God was personally closing and opening doors for him, but he insisted in not seeing it. It was frustrating. So, in my prayers I started to ask God to give him more personal sings - maybe through dreams. So, the signs started getting more personal. My son had a dream he was dating a girl. One year later, he was dating that girl. I reminded him... Hmmmmm remember you had that dream... I think that was the moment when things started changing. I started noticing he would lift his hand in worship. My prayers then asked for visions, and messages from God. I kept begging God to awaken him. The signs started getting stronger and stronger. One day we came to a revival service on a Wednesday. A random guy I had never seen before called us to the side after church. He said: God asked me to talk to you guys. There were 5 of us, but he pointed to my son. "And the message is for you." I started getting goose bumps. I personally did not understand the message, but Gabriel did. And, it was the confirmation he needed. He bawled his eyes out all the way home. After that, Gabriel started having visions. God started talking to him and the next week another random person we had never seen had a message - for him again. 

So, if you are in a similar position, I hope this article finds you. The first step to take is: Do not despair. Bend your knees and tap into the supernatural. And be prepared to wait... My prayers took 7 years to come to full fruition. Sometimes, knee mail is not the fastest kind of mail... But, it is the most perfect and effective kind. Ask God to move, to act supernaturally and He will. Keep this message in your heart:

Philippians 4:6 - Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.