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Traveling Yogi: Where to Practice in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, my hometown, is also known as Cidade Maravilhosa or the Wonderful city... And the name is not a mistake. There are so many amazing things to do and see there... Seeing the sunset from Ipanema Beach, watching the sunrise from a morning run in the Aterro, admiring the city from the Christ the redeemer mountain,  doing stand up paddle board at the Praia Vermelha at sunset... But, if you are a yogi and visit Rio, make sure you add to  to your to do list a morning practice with Dany Sá ( Dany Sá is an advanced practitioner of Ashtanga that regularly visits Mysore. She is authorized to teach the primary and secondary series. Her demeanor is calm and light and she is a gentle, but make no mistake: she is also a thorough teacher.

Practicing with her made my yoga practice blossom. She was the first teacher to tell me that "inhaling is everything" in yoga. Years practicing and no one bothered to tell me that before... Through her detailed driven instruction I was able to reconnect with my core after having a c-section. I learned to inhale when jumping through and going up in more challenging poses. She calmly took her time to show me each of the vinyasas correctly. She really changed my yoga practice. And for that, I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

Dany teaches at oito tempos in Ipanema every morning. The place is very easy to find because it is across from the General Osório subway station in Ipanema. So, even if you are staying elsewhere in Rio, all you have to do is catch the subway, get off in General Osório, cross the street and you are there. You don't even need a mat, they provide you with one if you need it. If you are a tourist in the wonderful city, or just a local aiming at going deeper in your practice, add her class to your list of to do things while in Rio!