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Mommy and baby yoga flow with Video (2/6/2015)


Now that Bella is crawling, doing yoga with her is getting a bit more challenging. It takes a lot more sound effects and interaction than it did before. She still loves Surya Namaskar A - specially when I do peek-a-boo while in downdog. But her all time favorite still is cat and dog ondulations. This practice worked well for Bella and I, but feel free to adapt it to your baby. It might be wise to use this video to take some ideas for your practice rather than try to follow it step by step as life with baby, as you must already know, can be unpredictable.

The first half is a warm up where baby is on the floor. If your baby is crawling like Bella is, it will require a high level of engagement with your child. The second half of practice is done with a soft baby carrier. Even though baby is sitting tight in the carrier, it is still important to interact with her as she may get fussy.

This practice is only 10 minutes long as babies need change often to keep them engaged. Breaking our practice into flows with and without the baby carrier is a great idea. Feel free to practice the sequence a few times during the day. Enjoy!


Mommy and baby yoga flow (video)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's yoga flow! You will need a soft baby carrier for the second half of this flow. If you liked yesterday's flow, but you are having trouble following it on paper, I hope this video will help! Please don't hesitate to ask me questions and remember the important thing is to connect and enjoy your time with your beautiful bundle of joy!

Mommy and Me Yoga Flow

If you have a little one at home and you are finding it difficult to find the time to practice, look no further. Here is a flow for you and your little one to practice together. You will need a soft baby carrier to do the main part of this flow. My daughter likes to face out, but it is possible that your baby prefers facing inwards. Make sure to do this flow after your baby has gained head control. If your baby gets fussy just move on to another asana that she or he may enjoy more. Tomorrow I will post the video to this flow. Let me know your thoughts and enjoy!

We start with a warm up. For the warm up you won't need the baby carrier as baby usually remains entertained for a few minutes on the floor as long as you connect with him/ her. With my daughter that means sound effects and faces. She also likes to play with my hair. Find out what works for your baby. I like playing peek a boo in down dog, making cat and dog noises, among other crazy artifacts to keep her entertained and happy!

The second part of this flow utilizes a baby carrier. Make sure to wear your carrier per the suggestions of the manufacturer and secure your baby. Even though your baby may be in the carrier make sure to connect and play with her/him throughout.

Tomorrow I will add the video showing how I interact with baby Bella during this flow. Meanwhile enjoy and if you try it out let me know what you thought of the flow in the comments below!



I love baby carrying flows. So does baby Bella. But, even though baby-carrying flow have the ability to strengthen our legs, they don't work out our arms as much. To counter that flaw, I have been doing some baby and me yoga flows with Bella where I carry her in my arms the entire time. Bella loves her snuggle time with mommy and I love the work out my arms get... Seriously.  It is painful. If you have never tried carrying your baby while practicing, this video show you a short sample flow so that you get yourself acquainted with carrying your baby while practicing. If you are tired, finish after the first round. Otherwise, repeat the flow 5 times or even more. Have fun, connect with your baby, and work those arms! Good luck!

Baby-carrying flow for leg strengthening

Despite what you may think, your baby is not only a pretty face... She can transform your yoga flow into quite a hard-core strength building exercise. By utilizing your baby-carrier, you can bring your little bundle of joy into your exercise routine and have fun while working off the baby weight. 

The flow I created today is short so that you familiarize yourself with baby-wearing during yoga. Go through the routine carefully and have fun with your baby. Feel free to repeat it a few times to get a better workout for your legs.


Be safe, enjoy, and  have fun with your little munchkin.