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Good Night yoga for your toddler

When I was at expo west this past weekend, a publisher gave me the book Good Night yoga when he found out I was a kids yoga teacher... I was so excited to try to tell this story to Bella through yoga... The book has beautiful illustrations that take you through a calming flow. It ends with a guided meditation that will lead your child to sleep. I didn't do the guided meditation because Bella is too little, but she loved the Good Night yoga flow...

If you are a parent and yogi, I highly recommend buying this book to share with your child (Link to the right). It allows you to introduce your child to your favorite activity in a friendly and soothing way!

If you would like to see how it went with Bella, the video is below:

Stay Blessed!


Mommy and baby yoga flow with Video (2/6/2015)


Now that Bella is crawling, doing yoga with her is getting a bit more challenging. It takes a lot more sound effects and interaction than it did before. She still loves Surya Namaskar A - specially when I do peek-a-boo while in downdog. But her all time favorite still is cat and dog ondulations. This practice worked well for Bella and I, but feel free to adapt it to your baby. It might be wise to use this video to take some ideas for your practice rather than try to follow it step by step as life with baby, as you must already know, can be unpredictable.

The first half is a warm up where baby is on the floor. If your baby is crawling like Bella is, it will require a high level of engagement with your child. The second half of practice is done with a soft baby carrier. Even though baby is sitting tight in the carrier, it is still important to interact with her as she may get fussy.

This practice is only 10 minutes long as babies need change often to keep them engaged. Breaking our practice into flows with and without the baby carrier is a great idea. Feel free to practice the sequence a few times during the day. Enjoy!


Baby yoga - warm up moves

Sometimes it may be hard to follow a yoga flow video with baby. Maybe your baby is fussy, maybe she wants to play in another position. Therefore, in the next few posts I will show some different poses you can do with your baby so that you are able to create your own flow. If you prefer to follow the entire flow just follow them here. Today I will show you three ways that you can warm up with your baby.  At the end of this post, you will find a video illustrating how to do each of the poses with your baby. 

The Cat and Dog

This move is a classic yoga warm up. However, in order to keep my baby entertained I like to act out cat and dog sounds as I am moving. Bella finds it very entertaining (see video below). I bet your baby will too! To do this, start in a tabletop position then tilt your pelvis upward with your gaze up to get into dog pose. Then tilt your pelvis down and fix your gaze at your baby to get into cat.


The child who cried Wolf

The next warm up sequence is comprised of a flow between child's pose and downdog. Again, I like to act these out to keep Bella entertained as I flow through the poses. I cry like an infant in child's pose, then bark like a dog in downdog. Start from a tabletop position then drop your pelvis towards your heels as you stretch your arms towards the front wall and rest your face on your baby's belly. Then shift your weight onto the balls of your feet, streighten your knees and lengthen your back into downdog. Flow a few times between the two poses.


Peek a Dog

This may be Bella's favorite flow. Start from downdog and shift your weight back and forth onto your hands moving your gaze to your child as you play peek a boo. You will love the smiles that ensue. 

In case you are still not sure how to do each of the warm up flows, the video bellow illustrates what to do:

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Mommy and baby yoga flow (video)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's yoga flow! You will need a soft baby carrier for the second half of this flow. If you liked yesterday's flow, but you are having trouble following it on paper, I hope this video will help! Please don't hesitate to ask me questions and remember the important thing is to connect and enjoy your time with your beautiful bundle of joy!