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Persimmon + Ginger + Mint Paradise Smoothie

The other day I was in the supermarket and saw one of my all time favorite fruits: Persimmon. Though I avoid sugar, my health coach allows me to eat fruit a few times a week. I couldn't resist but buy this sweet goodness that I only see once in a blue moon in Chicago. I whipped up the most satisfying and amazing smoothie with it. I have to caution you that this is a very thick smoothie. So if you prefer a less thick consistency, you will need to water it down a little bit.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! This recipe is a powerhouse of vitamin A and C, B complex vitamins, and Omega 3s!  Here is the recipe:



1. 1 Persimmon

2. 1 inch piece of ginger

3. 1/4 cup of mint leaves

4. 1 tablespoon of chia

5. Bone Broth Protein - vanilla flavor

6. 2 cups of baby spinach 

7. 1 tbsp sprouted cashew butter ( I buy t

8. 1/2 cup of sprouted Brazil Nut milk (see recipe here).


Place all of the above ingredients on the vitamix and blend well. Careful: This smoothie is addictive!

Refreshing Summery Detox Juice

After having spent time in France and Italy and eating too much cheese and drinking too much wine, my body was begging for a detox. My digestion came to a halt and that feeling of puffiness came over me. I was feeling inflamed and in need of a cleanse. So I stopped the dairy madness that was started in Europe, abandoned the newly purchased French wine in my fridge, and started to clean up my diet. Cleansing is not always fun, but it is easy to do if you have the right foods in hand! I upped my intake of herbs which makes everything more delicious and amazing. And, I have my favorite detox juice in hand because.... Well, because it is Summer. This juice is my all time favorite drink and it helps when I have a craving because it is sweet, delicious, summery, and refreshing. So, without further ado, here is the recipe....

Loca4Yoga Watermelon Detox Cooler (makes 6 glasses)

Loca4Yoga's delicious detox cooler!

Loca4Yoga's delicious detox cooler!

1) 1/2 Large watermelon

2) 1/3 cup of lemongrass (the green part not the stalks - go visit your local farmers market to buy fresh herbs that are in season!)

3) 1/3 cup of Lemon Balm (leaves only)

4) 1/3 cup of mint (leaves only)

Blend in a high powered blender and enjoy. Seriously.... You will thank me for this one!  Please be aware that this juice will make your digestion work... So don't be surprised if you go to the bathroom a few times....