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Lectio Divina

I first learned about Lectio Divina during Holy Yoga retreat from Jill Fisk. Her Lectio Divina sessions were calming and taught me a lot about myself and the God that loves me. Before that, I viewed meditation as a person and her thoughts. But, since then I started bringing scripture into my daily meditations either in the form of mantras or as lectio divina. Today I will teach you this new type of meditation so that you can add it to your meditation toolbox.

You start Lectio Divina by taking a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Allow yourself to become silent for a few minutes. I like to repeat the word maranatha to help me focus my thoughts.

Once you feel a sense of calm come over you, open your eyes and read a passage in scripture. Read it slowly and gently. Savor each phrase, really letting the scripture sink in. Close your eyes and sit with the scripture. Let it talk to you. Close your eyes and just sit with what you read. Repeat this 3 times. When you are meditating on the scripture, allow thouhgts to come by without judgement. Allow any inner pondering, any struggles to take you to a deeper dialogue with God.

If you would like to go through a guided Lectio Divina, take a look at this video and I will guide you through it!

Stay Blessed everyone!