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Expo West: Best New Plant-based Products

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to Expo West, the largest show for organic and natural products in the world! While I was there I found some amazing plant-based products that should be part of your diet! Drum roll please... here are the best new plant-based products in the market....

1) Follow your Heart Vegan Egg : Yes you heard me correctly! Follow your heart has developed a vegan egg substitute! I ate it at the show and it is so yummy! It has the same consistency and flavor of egg, but it is made from algae! Earthy friendly and oh so good for you!

2) Veggemo Vegetal Milk: Almond milk is not good for the environment, and soy can wrack havoc on your hormones. What's a plant-based girl to do? Now, she can buy veggemo, a veggie milk made from pea protein, potato starch, and tapioca. What's even better? It has 4 grams of protein vs 1 gram in almond milk.

4) Hamona Coconut: There is nothing I love more than young coconut water and my favorite thus far has been harmless harvest. But those little bottles add up and are so bad for the earth... If only there was a more earth friendly option... Well now there is! Hamona coconut are premium coconuts that are shaved down so much that you can use a straw to pierce them! And then afterwards you can open it using only a spoon.... No machette necessary!

5) Bee Panacea: There are so many super foods to be had.... maca, pollen, spirulina, chlorella... How in the world are you supposed to eat all of that? Well, Bee panacea takes the best superfoods and adds raw honey so that you can get all your nutrition with just one teaspoon a day! Did I mention it is also delicious and Victoria Beckham is eating this like it's going out of style?

6) Buttery Coconut oil from Nutiva: Love butter in your popcorn, but your plant-based lifestyle is cramping your movie time? Well, nutiva has created an amazing buttery coconut oil that tastes exactly like butter! Just lather on top of your popcorn and add a movie.... 

7) Burma Love: Eat your tea: If you don't love drinking green tea, now you can eat it! Burma love are green tea leaves that are gown in Burma and then fermented. The result is an earthy addition to salads and other recipes. I highly recommend it. 

8) New Barn Almond Milk ice cream: If you have ever had the pleasure of trying New Barn Almond milk, you know they are the best out there. If you haven't tried it, I recommen you find a store that carries it and try! It really tastes like homemade almond milk and now they are using their amazing milk to create dairy free ice creams! This is probably the cremiest almond milk ice cream I have ever tasted... But beware, some of the flavors have eggs....

9) Kor Shots: If you know me, you know I am all about health shots - specially ginger and turmeric... It seems Kor shots has commercialized that idea adding great ingredients like activated charcoal to rid your body of all those toxins! If you are pressed for time, I highly recommend these shots. They are delicious and really healthy!

I hope you enjoyed reading about the best of new plant-based products from Expo West! 

Stay Blessed!





Latest New Natural Products from Expo East

Every year I am fortunate enough to accompany my husband to the two biggest trade shows in the natural and organic industry. Last week, I went to the natural products East which takes place in Baltimore. I love this show because you see all of the new natural products that have yet to reach the market! Here I share my favorite picks from the show last week! I hope you enjoy my picks and look out for these amazing products in the supermarkets!

Products for fitness enthusiasts

Leaner creamer (coconut oil) - I love coffee, so any product that promises to help me lose weight and make my coffee better catches my attention. Leaner creamer does both. It uses coconut oil, caster uranium, hoodia, and green tea extract to keep you satisfied, your cravings at bay, all while you are enjoying your coffee, it tastes great too! I really liked this product and would use it, if I were on a trip where I couldn't make my fat and craving busting smoothie at. If you would like to try, check out:

Fat water - After the bulletproof coffee craze, here comes fat water... The name is pretty self explanatory - basically water with added fat... David Asprey the creator of bulletproof coffee, has now come out with this product that promises to hydrate your body and burn more fat. They extract fat from coconut oil and infuse the water with it - the end result is a 20 calorie bottle of water that promises to keep you full and burn fat. Personally, the verdict is out for this one... I think I prefer eating healthy sources of fat like avocado, or coconuts as a whole food, but I found the product interesting.

 Powdered coconut milk - Are you one of those people that brings your blender on vacations to make sure you get the best smoothie every morning? Well, I have great news for you. Dowd and Rogers has come out with a form of powdered coconut milk. It tastes great and it is so portable that even if you travel to the ends of Wisconsin your morning smoothie will be safe and sound! the product does have some tapioca syrup, but it's less than 5% of the total product... Besides, you are on vacation, enjoy it! Here is the link in case you want to buy it:

Ithaca hummus - Snacking can be tricky for dieters, but ithaca hummus is providing great snack sized hummus packed with sliced carrots! It is unpasteurized, so it has all of the goodness raw enzymes brings and it uses a low carb, gluten-free alternative to scoop the hummus. Have I mentioned how amazing it tastes because it is unpasteurized? You gotta try it...

Zoup Packaged Bone broth: Have you jumped on the Paleo band wagon? Is making bone broth driving you crazy? Well, I have good news for you! Zoup is now producing a packaged bone broth that is all of the benefits, without the fuss! Bone broth is a staple in the paleo diet and it is a nutritional powerhouse! It contains the amino acids proline and glycine in addition to minerals and collage. Glycine detoxifies the body and supports collagen production, while Prolyne tightens the cells (Nice, firm skin anyone?)

Yummy, (maybe sinful) products

Filfil N7 - I absolutely love this product! It is unlike anything I have ever tasted or seen! This is a hot sauce with a garlic base. Yes, 20 non GMO garlic cloves in each bottle! It is hot, but no overbearingly so, and it tastes amazing as a party dip. I highly recommend you try this!

Natural sins - I know you have tried dried fruit chips, but this product takes dried fruit to a whole other level. Each slice of the product is so thin and crispy, you can't help but fall in love with it. If you have a picky eater, I recommend you buy this and have your child fall in love with fruits and veggies:

Truffettes Truffle Spread: If you like Nutella, you will love truffle spread. First because it doesn't have all the additives that Nutella does, secondly because it is just as sinful, if not more. 

Eco Products

Keurig 99% compostable cups: If you own a Keurig and have not heard of #killthekcup , then you need to do your homework... K-cups are non-recyclable and Keurig produced enough k-cups in 2013 to encircle the earth 10.5 times! Even the inventor of K-cups wishes he hadn't invented them in the first place. But oneCoffee, a Canadian company, has come up with a 99% compostable K-cup! I loved this product and hope to see it in stores soon!

Loliware: What's a cooler way to keep the world plastic-free than using cups made of candy? That's the main idea behind loliware a new brand that creates party ware out of candy. Ok, I guess it's not healthy, but neither is the tequila that you will be taking shots from the loliware ;)