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Yogi Gift Guide for the Yoga Lover in your life


Need a gift for the yoga teacher, yogi, or yoga lover in your life? Well, look no further... Here are my top pics that are bound to swipe your yogi love off her/ his mat!

1) Mini grid foam roller: There are times when you just need to work out some kinks and this portable grid foam roller can do the job anywhere! It can be easily put away in your desk, yoga bag, or car. It is also super cute and adorable! Give her/ him the gift of fascia release!

2) UE Boom bluetooth speaker: Sometimes the yogi in your life might want to teach an impromptu class, or they may teach privates. UE Boom bluetooth provides an easy connection to their phone so that any place, can become an amazing yoga class environment!

3) Spotify Gift card: Yoga teachers appreciate the value of spotify and you will be a hero giving her a credit for her/ his favorite music service. You get the added benefits of her/his students loving you for it too!

4) Heavily Meditated T-shirt - Yogis like a good and fun graphic t-shirt and this one delivers both - because your love is likely heavily meditated. Find it here

5) Metallic Manduka mat in gold - Wanna give her the yogi gift equivalent of a Rolls Royce? Then buy her a limited edition metallic manduka mat in gold! Get it here

6) Holy yoga training - There is nothing more life changing than this training - and if your yogi love has already undergone it, there are many more specialty ones to be undergone... Find it here

Hope these tips helped you find the perfect gift!!!! I know I would be ecstatic with any of these!

God Bless you!


Holy Yoga for Advent: Week 2

Today is our second week preparing for Advent. We will work on opening our hearts to the love of Christ so that we can celebrate his birth with the right mindset. We will do that through an intense class focusing on twists and backbending poses. The twists allow us to go deeper into backbends. And the backbends allow us to symbolically and physically open our hearts and make space for our Savior.  Although we seem to only physically open our hearts, make no mistake... Human bodies are symbiotically connected and opening our hearts physically creates a psychological response. Body psychotherapy is a field of Psychology that has studied this body-mind connection for many years. 

My hope is that this class will open your hearts so that you may know the hope to which Jesus has called you - his inheritance - as we are children of God (Ephesians 1:17-18). Your heart is where Christ wishes to dwell. He wants you to experience his love and connect to his full Glory and Grace. 

God Bless you!