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Contemplative Prayer: Be Still and Know

Today I teach you a different type of meditation for those of you who are planning to take the 40 day lent meditation challenge starting on February 10th. Today's meditation is a christ-centered meditation called contemplative prayer. Contemplative prayer was brought to the west by father William Meninger after he found a 14th century book entitled the cloud of unknowing. 

Much like the basic meditation you learned last week, contemplative prayer is done cross-legged with a straight spine. To start, deepen your breath and focus your attention to your inhales and exhales. And throughout the meditation you will repeat a mantra or word that is meaningful to you. I use the word Maranatha - which in Aramaic means the Lord is coming. I repeat Maranatha in my head in each inhale and on each exhale. I focus on what the word means to me and visualize Christ dying on the cross for my sins. Maranatha is a very powerful word. Everyday we should long for Him to come back. Maranatha will remind us to keep our minds in the Lord and on our eternal life with him. This meditation will help you keep yourself in tune with the divine and less concerned about the material things in life. 

During this meditation, don't ask anything from God. Just be still and stand in his presence much like Psalm 46:10 recites :

Be still and know that I am God.

Stay Blessed and watch the video to do a guided meditation: