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Kids Holy Yoga: Class and Resources for John 11

Today's lesson plan explores the story of Lazarus' ressurection. I used a few books that are noted with links below. The entire plan for the flow is found below. You can also watch the class on Vimeo

Jesus is the Ressurection and the Life!

Jesus is the Ressurection and the Life!

Lesson Plan

Warm up.

Alternate nostril breathing – Imagine you are sick and your nose is stuffed. This is how Lazarus Jesus’s friend felt when he was sick. So let’s breathe like Lazarus: Cover the right nostril and breathe in through the left . Now cover the left nostril and breathe out. Let’s do that five times. Now our other nose is stuffy, so let’s cover the left and breathe in through the right. Good job! Do you feel calmer? This kinds of breathing is great for when we are feeling anxious, so if you are you should practice breathing like Lazarus!

Son salutations.

Now let’s prepare for the yoga flow by saluting the son of god. Who is the son of God? Let’s reach up to the sky and say hello to Jesus. Now bow down to your Savior.


Adapted from I am (See the book below). Story I used is called: The resurrection and the life on p. 174


            Jesus started walking among people [mountain climber] and He started making miracles[Jump into a burpie and reach up to the sky] Repeat a few more times emphasizing the miracles Jesus made. The miracles made most people happy [Jump again for miracle then transition into an upward facing dog for happy ] But some other people were mad because Jesus called himself the son of God. [Transition into a downward facing dog for sad]

They wanted to arrest him, [take child’s pose and cross hands for arrested] but Jesus slipped away and went to Bethany [Go into mountain climber]. While Jesus was there a messenger came [Runner’s lunge] The message was from his friends Mary and Martha:[Runner’s lunge the other side] “Our brother, Lazarus, the friend you love, is very sick”.

Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters.[ Side lunge with hand on the heart] They were his friends [Other side lunge with hand on heart]. Jesus knew Mary and Martha wanted him to come heal Lazarus right away, but he didn’t go.[Transition into a wide legged forward fold]  He stayed where he was for two more days. [ Come up and take one forward fold, one day, then a second forward fold saying the second day has passed] Then he said to his disciples: “It’s time for us to go back.” [Come up from the forward fold]

“But Jesus, [Transition to a seated position] the leaders in Jerusalem want to arrest you” [Take bound marychiasana a] the disciples said.  If you go they will arrest you [Take bound marychiasana A on the other side]

“Our friend Lazarus is dead.” [Lie down and take savasana] Jesus said. “Let’s go to Bethany”. [transition into a top of a push up] When Mary and Martha heard that Jesus was coming, Martha hurried to meet Him on the road.[Take a mountain climber]  “Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died. “ She said. [Lie into savasana]

“Your brother will rise again.” Jesus told her. [Jump into standing from lying down]

When Mary saw Jesus she said: “Lord if you had been here, my brother would not have died!” [Transition into savasana] Mary was crying, and so were the friends who were with her. Jesus cried too because they were so sad. [Come into child’s pose]

“Where is Lazarus?” He asked. [Come into hero pose]

“take away the stone Jesus said.”  [Take a side lunge like you are moving the stone away]

They moved the stone it was very heavy [Take a side lunge to the other side ]

"Didn’t I tell you”, Jesus said kindly, that If you believe, you will see God’s glory? [TRANSITION INTO VICTORIOUS POSE AND TAKE HANDS UP TO READCH OUT TO GOD’S GLORY]

So the stone was rolled away. Then Jesus prayed. [Come into prayer hands still in victorious pose] Father let the people here believe that You sent Me. And He called in a loud Voice: Lazarus Come out. [Reach to grab the foot and bring foot off the floor into pose]

No one moved. No one even whispered. What was going to happen?

Suddenly everyone saw Lazarus standing near the front of the tomb! [do the other side] The man who had been dead was alive

Unwrap him, Jesus said, and let him go

Take away of the week with poses:

Jesus told Martha: I am THE Resurrection and the Life. [From Savasana roll over and open your heart to jesus : I am the ressuraction] , I am the life [bow pose]

When we believe in Jesus, we have new life that lasts forever.


 Thoughts to make your heart sing: Dying, waking p.105

Imagine you are in a beautiful garden - the garden of Eden. It is green, the air is warm, the sun is warming your skin. You can smell the flowers all around you [use lavender oil]. God meant us to live forever in this beautiful garden. But Eve is tempted by a beautiful apple. It is read and juicy. And satan wants her to take a bite...  Sin has broken everything and now we cannot leave in the garden.

Jesus came to destroy death. He died on the cross and was buried – but death couldn’t keep him dead. On the third day he burst out of the tomb.

And now death can’t keep us dead either.

Jesus has turned the tomb into a bed. We die to wake up in his arms.

We will still die. But after we die, we will wake – as if from a refreshing night’s sleep—and Jesus will lead us by the hand into Life that won’t ever end. 


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Kids Holy Yoga: Class and Resources to teach John 10:11

The Shepherd looked for his sheep behind the tree! 

The Shepherd looked for his sheep behind the tree! 

This week in Vacation Bible school at the New Life Community Center, we explored the parable of  the Good Shepherd through our bodies. Here is the lesson plan and resources in case you would like to use them yourself! The drawings to tell the story are downloadable at the end of the page!

Warm up

Tell the story one time using the drawings at the bottom of the page. Each link is downloadable.

Now, shall we tell this story through yoga? 

 Shepherd breath: Let's start with some shepherd breath. The shepherd has to stop to count his sheep, doesn’t he? So in shepherd breath we hold our breath for two counts so that we can count our sheep! Breathe in to a count of 3, pause to count your sheep for two, then breathe out for a count of 3, and again pause to count your sheep. We will repeat that a few times.

Son salutations - Who is the son of God? So, to start our class let's warm out bodies by saluting the son of God.

Flow with Poses (text adapted from the Book I am: The good Shepherd)

People of all kinds came [MOUNTAIN CLIMBER]  to hear Jesus teach about God[RUNNER’S LUNGE with the right leg]

People who had always loved God came. [RUNNER’S LUNGE with the left leg].

People who thought they weren’t as good as other people came. [SIDE LUNGE RIGHT]  They were surprised that Jesus sat down to eat with them and paid attention to them.

People who thought they were better that others also came. [SIDE LUNGE LEFT] These people complained that Jesus paid attention to sinners.

So Jesus told them a story about Shepherd who had one hundred sheep. [COME TO STANDING]

The shepherd [WARRIOR II] watched over his sheep carefully everyday [REVERSE WARRIOR] and every night [half moon pose]

To make sure that none of the sheep wandered away [cartwheel your hands] from the rest of the flock, he counted them [take a pushup position].

One sheep [PUSH UP], two sheep [PUSH UP], three sheep [PUSH UP], four sheep [PUSH UP]… all the way to a hundred. [PUSH UP]

But one day when the shepherd counted one [PUSH UP], two [PUSH UP], three [PUSH UPS], he had only ninety-nine.

One sheep was missing. [ STAY AT TOP of PUSH UP]

One sheep had wondered off and could be in trouble. [MOUNTAIN CLIMBER]

The shepherd wanted to find his lost sheep right away [JUMP FEET TO HANDS AND COME TO STANDING], so he left this flock in a safe place in the mountain [MOUNTAIN POSE] and he began to search for the sheep that wondered away.

He searched up hill [SIDE PLANK RIGHT]

He searched down hill [SIDE PLANK LEFT}

He searched under bushes [ TREE POSE RIGHT]

He searched behind tress [ TREE POSE LEFT]

 He searched behind the lotus flower [LOTUS POSE]

He searched down by the bridge [BRIDGE POSE]

He listened carefully… and finally he heard a faint baaaa baaaaaing [come to your knees and place hands by ear like you are listenin]

The sheep was worn out and hungry [TAKE CHILD’s POSE]

The shepherd picked up the lost sheep and put it around his shoulders [CAT COW]

Then he started his journey home [MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS]

When he got back to the flock, he cared for the lost sheep giving him food and water [TAKE CHILD’S POSE TO REST]

Remember God is like that shepherd. He rejoices over those who always at His side, but He celebrates even more when someone lost is found. [STAY IN CHILD’S POSE]


John 10: 11 says:

I AM THE GOOD SHEPHERD [hand to heart then go into warrior II]

THE GOOD SHEPHERD LAYS DOWN HIS LIFE FOR THE SHEEP [warrior I, then cow face pose with prayer hands]

Closing Meditation:

Adapted. from thoughts to make your heart sing p. 97

Imagine you are a little sheep. The world is big. You are defenseless. Afraid. But then you look up and you see your shepherd. He says: I’m your good shepherd. You have everything you need. When you’re hungry, I’ll feed you. When you are thirsty. I’ll give you water to drink. When  you are tired, I’ll bring you to cool shade where you can rest. I will rescue you. Protect you. Love you.

Drawings to download and tell the story:

Drawing 1 (Shepherd Counting Sheep)

Drawing 2 (99 sheep)

Drawing 3 (Looking for sheep)

Drawing 4 (Found Sheep)


Kids Holy Yoga: Class and Resources to teach John 10

Kids at VBS Yoga at New Life Church Community Center in Chicago

Kids at VBS Yoga at New Life Church Community Center in Chicago

I have been having so much fun this Summer teaching VBS yoga at the New Life Community Church Center in Humboldt Park. I am happy to share my resources here so that you are able to use them with your own children or classes. This particular class teaches the message in John 10 and the takeaway of the class is that Jesus is the gate, and only through him we can make it to the father. The video, class script, and all resources I used are below.

Warm up:

Class today is surrounds the concept of Sheep! What do you know about Sheep?

  • Sheep wander
  • Sheep are weak
  • They need their master to protect them
  • They only respond to the voice of their master 

Show kids the following video to exemplify the idea that sheep only respond to their masters:


Jesus tells us that we are also his Sheep. Why do you think so?

Breath Exercise: What sound does a sheep make? Now we are going to try to breathe like sheep. Take a deep breath in making your belly grow into a balloon, then breathe out like a sheep as long as you can.

Son salutations

FLOW (Script)

If a person climbs over [mountain climber] or through the fence of a sheep [sheep pose (cat)] pen instead of going through the gate [gate pose], you know he’s up to no good—a sheep rustler!

The shepherd [mountain pose] walks right up to the gate [standing Gate pose -( tree)]. The gatekeeper [warrior II] opens te gate to him and the sheep recognize his voice [Warrior I].


The shepherd [mountain pose - reach to the sky to your sheperd Jesus] calls his own sheep by name and leads them out [Dancers] When he gets them all out, he leads them and they follow because they are familiar with his voice [warrior III]. They won’t follow a stranger’s voice but will scatter because they aren’t used to the sound of it.”


I am the gate; [gate pose]  whoever enters through me [super man] will be saved [kneeling lunge] They will come in [child’s pose] and go out [lift up into kneeling], and find pasture [camel pose – open your heart to God].

Now what's the take away of today's class in pose form?

Jesus (reach for the sky - mountain pose)

Loves me (reach for your toes - forward fold)

He died in the cross ( bring both arms out to the sides)

He is the gate (gate pose)

He is the light (gate pose on the other side)

Final Meditation

Now let’s slowly come to a lying down position and imagine that you are melting. Like ice cream in a hot summer day. Just let your body sink into the floor and I want you to close your eyes and imagine in your head what I am about to say.

Meditation Script:

Imagine you are lying down on a beautiful green pasture. The grass is wet, the sun is shining. It is the most beautiful sunny day. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. The warmth of the sun relaxes your head and neck…. Your shoulders…. And your arms. Your hands feel heavy and relaxed resting in on the grass. Around you sheep are roaming the grass. They wander, but they walk together. You see a little boy trying to call the sheep and move them. But they don’t move. The sheep don’t pay attention to them. The sheep continue to wander mindlessly. They eat the grass. They admire the day. But then all of a sudden they hear the sound of his master. Their shepherd call and little by little every sheep on the pasture looks at him. He calls again and every sheep follows their master. Anyone can call the sheep, but they will only obey their true master. That is how it should be with us. At the sound of His amazing grace. Our heads must turn. At the sound of His amazing grace. Our eyes should open. Now slowly. Open your eyes.