Yoga Plan

           I will give you a set yoga sequence that builds on itself throughout the month. We start small with sun salutations and then add onto the sequence as we go.

You may be asking yourself why we would be doing the same sequence everyday instead of a new and unique daily flow. I, myself, have been following the same sequence for years and adding new poses as I master old ones. The reason I do this and recommend it is because:

  1. It is easier to gauge success as you are able to notice progress in the same poses.
  2. You are more likely to work on the basics and get them right when you are doing the same sequence over and over
  3. You notice little things - like how activating a muscle you hadn't tried before changes a pose - when you repeat a pose day in and day out.
  4. Knowing the sequence by heart allows you to focus inward in meditation and prayer. This means you can do a better job at dedicating your body and mind in worship.
  5. You are able to conquer difficult poses when you do them over and over again.

You will start your practice with a prayer. Make it personal and relevant to yourself now. If you can't think of anything I suggest the Lord's prayer followed by this: God you have helped the people of Israel conquer the promised land by taking down walls for them. I believe in your power, and I believe you will help me conquer today's practice. I practice in faith. Amen.

Then you will start your practice. Each part of the practice is illustrated by a video. This week our practice will consist of (Videos to come by the end of the of 12/30/2015): 

  1. Prayer
  2. Pranayama
  3. Son Sequence A
  4. Son Sequence B
  5. Three backbends
  6. Counter-pose forward fold
  7. Savasana
  8. Prayer