There is no place quite like Rio. It is no mistake it has been dubbed the wonderful city. The mountains, the sea, and the people make it the most amazing place to be. Rio is the only city I know that you can get out of the city center, and hike to a waterfall within half an hour. You will love Rio and the vibe will keep you coming back. The food scene is amazing with lots of healthy options available - including green juice delivery to your doorstep every morning! 

Where to practice yoga in Rio

Dany Sa yoga Shala -

Dany Sá is my teacher so I am biased.... I love her. She is gentle, but firm and really cares about her students. She is an advanced ashtanga practitioner and she is authorized to teach level 2. She is an amazing teacher and her shala is exactly a block away from the beach. You practice in the morning, then you take dip and drink coconut water. It doesn't get much better than that. 

Espaço Nirvana -

This is a gorgeous space inside a historical place in Rio - the jockey club. It is worth the visit to get to know the place and then to stretch your body and work out your mind. The teachers are top notch. I highly recommend it. 

Where to run in Rio

My absolute favorite place to run in Rio is at Aterro do flamengo. I like to get there early on the beach as the sun rises. At the end, I like to stop across from the sugar loaf and drink coconut water at the Oasis do Amir. He is super well known there and his coconut water is the best and not overpriced. You can take this route up to the sugar loaf - which would give you a good 12 km run.  

The ciclovias of Barra Beach and Ipanema and Leblon Beach. Rio is full of ciclovias - little pathways for bicycles. The best ones for runs are the ones at the Ipanema beach - which extends to the Leblon beach, and then the one in Barra. At the end of your run, you can take a dip in the beach and drink some coconut water. Just beware of your equipment - you don't want to get stranded without your shoes or ipod. 

Where to get a green smoothie and eat clean in Rio

One of the great things about Rio is everything is delivered to your doorstep - including your green juice and green smoothie. If you plan ahead, you will be able to get the best juices and smoothies produced by Green people ( But you have to call ahead - they are often sold out because they are so good. My favorite is snow - an almond, banana, maca, and honey concoction. It is a must try.

If you forget to plan ahead, you can get a green smoothie in basically any little corner juice bar. You can easily get a pineapple mint juice - which is really a smoothie. Some places might let you add chlorophyll. In the past few years more and more juice bars will have dark leafy greens be added to juices, but you will have to check the one you visit as it is not available everywhere. My favorite juice to get in my neighborhood juice bar in Rio is watermelon, ginger, and mint. Tell them to hold the sugar or they will fill your juice with the white devil!

Universo Orgânico

If you want to try the best raw fare, Rio has to offer visit Universo Orgânico in Leblon. They sell local organic products and I love their Brazil nut milk. If you are hungry, the mushroom crepe is a must have. But, really I believe you cannot go wrong in this place.


I never thought that one of the best vegetarian restaurants I would have ever been to would have been in Rio - but it was. Prana is absolutely amazing. They have amazing juice options and the food is amazing. I had their vegan feijoada - which is the typical Brazilian dish and it was amazing. You would never miss the pork. It is so tasty. The restaurant is super small so arrive early. And since it is located by the train that takes you up to the christ - make sure you pay a visit right after to the Almighty!