Tokyo, Japan


Where to practice

When walking through Tokyo, if you look up you will notice a bunch of hot yoga studios up in the third and fourth floor of various buildings. Yoga is widely available in Tokyo, the only problem is that most people are not fluent in English. If you feel comfortable taking cues from people next to you, then by all means go ahead, try, and let me know how it went. But, I decided to keep it safe and take mysore style ashtanga classes with Tarik at Mysore tokyo. Tarik is an advanced practitioner of ashtanga and one of the few certified teachers in the method. He teaches Monday through Thursday from 6 am to 10:30 am. Friday and Sunday are taught by other teachers. Tarik is an amazing teachers and his adjustments will advance your practice. He gave me a supta Kurmasan adjustment I will never forget... Seriously I believe that if he were my regular teacher, I would likely do Dwi Pada sirsasana without a problem. I can't recommend him enough... Oh and he speaks English fluently!


Where to Run

When I was in Tokyo I stayed at the Imperial Hotel which is meters away from the imperial palace. So, I ended up doing my morning runs around the imperial palace. It is a 5 km trail around the beautiful gardens of the Palace. Some of it is uphill so be prepared. Also, you must run counter-clockwise. They will frown at you if you don't... Depending on the time of the day make sure you also run through the imperial gardens which are one of the most beautiful gardens in all of Tokyo.

Where to eat

Tofuya Ukai

This restaurant is nestled in the hills right behind the Tokyo Tower. It is an oasis of calmness in the midst of urban chaos. It is a beautiful traditional building with gorgeous gardens and an astonishing view of the Tokyo Tower. The tofu here is known as the best in the world. ... The result is a sily smooth tofu that melts in your mouth.