Where to practice

Vienna is a yogi's paradise and there are lots of great yoga places in the city! Feel free to explore and even try a class you wouldn't usually take. I tried a little bit of everything during my trip to this beautiful city. These are the places I recommend you try: 

-  Yogakula: http://yogakula.at/en/ 

Styles offered: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga
Address: Bösendorferstraße 9, 1010 Vienna

-  bYoga: http://www.byoga.at/ 

contemporary interpretation of yoga (classic yoga positions are being reinterpreted), aiming to achieve physical, but also emotional and psychological wellbeing
Address: Beatrixgasse 28, 1030 Vienna

-  Sivananda Yoga Zentrum : http://www.sivananda.org/vienna/ 

This studio is very close to the famous Belvedere. So if you stop by to see the beautiful Klimmit paintings, maybe go across the street and take a yoga class. Silvananda yoga is a holistic form of yoga that focuses not only in Asanas, but also in pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation, and deep relaxation.
Address: Prinz-Eugen Straße 18, 1040 Vienna

Yoga4yoginis: http://www.4yoginis.com/

This is an interesting studio focused on girl power! It is a yoga studio dedicated to women and their wellbeing. Classes are taught by women to women only! They offer Vinyasa flows, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, and Ashtanga Yoga classes.
Address: Waaggasse 12, 1040 Vienna

Where to run

Vienna is beautiful and a great way to get to know the city is to take a morning run! I loved running through the city center and seeing all of the historical sites. You can run through the historical palais, the Schoenbrunn Palace, The Stephansdom, the HeldenPlatz, The StadPark, and the Vienna Opera house. However, you will be stopped by traffic lights throughout the course. If you don't want to be stopped every 5 minutes and want a more consistent run, consider running to the Danube Canal. It was just five minutes away from my hotel. There you can go down to the quays and run. Though I didn't run for 10 miles, I was told that the Danube Canal is that long.... Marathon training anyone?


Where to eat

I am not a big fan of wieners, liver pate, or bratwursts, but one of my all time top 5 restaurants is located in Vienna. As most of you know, I try to follow a plant-based diet most of the time and it is hard to find fine dining restaurants that follow that style and do it well. Well, that is till I came to Vienna and was introduced to the restaurant Tian.  I have been to lots of fine dining restaurants, but this was my first time at a vegetarian fare only spot. My husband was not happy at all about this place, but I was beaming. And I have to say, the food did not disappoint. The menu is incredible and you will not miss the menu. The chef shows a mastery of his ingredients in a way that each ingredient shines and tastes better than most omnivorous menus I have tasted. You can choose 4,6,8, or 10 dishes. And they have two wine pairings (one premium, one regular) and a beer pairing menu. We chose the 6 course menu paired with the premium wines. One of my favorite plates was one called reduced. It used reduced egg whites to create an creamy concoction above some amazing veggies. It is unmissable. The wines were really amazing. The only thing I did not love was too many white wines  - I would have preferred more reds. I understand this is a mostly vegetable based menu, however they were so good it really would have been paired well with some reds. I was also not a big fan of the dessert. But other than that - this is a must visit in Vienna. 


Juice Factory

It is easy to find wieners and brutwerswts in Vienna... Green smoothies on the other hand, not so much. If you are a regular green smoothie drinker like myself, I recommend you pack your blender. However, if you don't want to bring one along, Juice Factory is a good choice. It is a chain so you will find it in lots of locations including the airport. They had a location fairly close to the hotel I stayed at. The staff is friendly and they will help you with your decision. You will need help as there are about 20 variations on fruit juices. I loved one made with mint, apple, pineapple, spinach, and banana. I recommend you try one while strolling the beautiful viennese streets.